Adams, E. B., Morris, P. K., & Maguire, E. R. (2021). Interrupting gang violence in urban Trinidad through conflict mediation. Caribbean Journal of Criminology, 3(1), 69-92.


Gang violence is an ongoing threat to community safety and citizen security in many communities in Trinidad and Tobago. Known for high violent crime rates in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago has been battling gangs and escalating rates of
gang-related violence formore than two decades. To tackle the ongoing issue of gang violence, theTrinidadian government adopted a community-based intervention strategy known as Project REASON (Resolve Enmity, Articulate Solutions, Organize
Neighborhoods). Adapted from Cure Violence, an initiative developed in Chicago, Project REASON assigned trained community members to engage in mediation effortswith offenders, victims and other stakeholders. The current study is an exploratory analysis of the specific approaches used by Project REASON staff in their efforts to prevent gang-related violence in high crime communities in Trinidad.

Year: 2021
Language: English
Type: Journal article
Topic: Caribbean criminology, Gangs, Violent crime
Methodologies: Qualitative analysis