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Brookman, F., E.R. Maguire, and M. Maguire, editors (2017). The Handbook of Homicide. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.


"The Handbook of Homicide will be an invaluable resource to those interested in understanding the phenomenon in all its diversity and complexity."
-Thomas P. Abt, Harvard University

"Murder, the gravest of human transgressions, and other varieties of homicide are treated in exhaustive breadth in this volume. The geographic and topical scope are impressive."
- Joel Wallman, The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for the Study of Violence

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Maguire, E.R. and D. Duffee, editors (2015). Criminal Justice Theory: Exploring the Nature and Behavior of Criminal Justice, Second Edition. New York: Routledge.


"This second edition continues to lead the emergence of criminal justice science"
—Robert H. Langworthy, University of Central Florida

"...a critical scholarly discussion of the... importance of developing and understanding the theoretical lynchpins of the criminal justice system."
—Ed Latessa, University of Cincinnati

"...marks the coming of age of an independent discipline called criminal justice."
—Salahuddin Ayub, Chicago State University

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Maguire, E.R. and Wells, W.H. (2009). Implementing Community Policing: Lessons from Twelve Agencies.  Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.


This volume examines the implementation of community policing in twelve American police agencies.  It is organized into two sections.  Section 1 covers eight significant issues in community policing, including community partnerships, problem solving, decentralization and other issues. Section 2 contains case studies describing how community policing was implemented in each agency.  The final chapter summarizes central themes and findings from the study and offers guidance for implementing community policing.

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Duffee, D. and E.R. Maguire, editors (2007). Criminal Justice Theory: Exploring the Nature and Behavior of Criminal Justice. New York: Routledge.


"…an extraordinary and much-needed book... a tour de force"
—Peter B. Kraska, Eastern Kentucky University

"This groundbreaking collection is... destined to be a true classic"
—Vincent J. Webb, Sam Houston State University

"...establishes a theoretical domain for criminal justice...as a scientific discipline."
—Robert Langworthy, University of Alaska Anchorage

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Maguire, E.R. (2003). Organizational Structure in American Police Agencies: Context, Complexity, and Control. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.


"...a refreshing departure from individual level theorizing about police..."
— Eugene Paoline, University of Central Florida

“…Maguire brings great imagination to his discussion of methodology, measures, and concepts.”
—Peter K. Manning, Northeastern University

“...an intelligent, readable framework for understanding police organization structures and what shapes them.”
— Stephen D. Mastrofski, George Mason University