Maguire, E. R. (in press). Gang research in the Caribbean. In D. Pyrooz, J. Densley, & J. Leverso (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of gangs and society. Oxford University Press


The Caribbean region is a well-known tourist destination due to its beaches and other attractions. Unfortunately, it is also home to a significant violent crime problem. Research has shown that much of the violence is due to criminal gangs. This chapter reviews the research on gangs in the Caribbean with a particular focus on the methodologies used to understand a variety of gang-related phenomena, including the nature and characteristics of gangs; gang membership; crime, violence, and conflict associated with gangs; and interventions intended to address these issues. The chapter concludes with a discussion about how the methodologies used to study gangs in the Caribbean have evolved, current gaps in theory and research, and recommendations for addressing these gaps.


Year: 2023
Language: English
Type: Book chapter
Topic: Gangs, Caribbean criminology
Methodologies: Other