Maguire, E.R. (1993). "The Professionalization of Police in Child Sexual Abuse Cases." Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 2(3): 107-116.


While several studies report that police attitudes toward child sexual abusers are more punitive than those of other human service professionals, other research has indicated that police attitudes toward the perpetrators and victims of child sexual abuse are consistent with those of other professionals. Expanding the scope of the professional literature is an essential component of the effort to prevent child sexual abuse. Yet law enforcement lacks an organizational structure to facilitate individual officers' professional progress, and the nature of policing discourages the interdisciplinary interaction needed to improve the police response to child sexual abuse. Nevertheless, some agencies have enhanced their response through training, investigation, and communication and cooperation with child protection services.

Year: 1993
Language: English
Type: Journal article
Topic: Policing, Child abuse
Methodologies: Other