Maguire, E.R. (2010). “Conclusion: A Journey Through the World of Police Use of Force.” Pp. 199-211 in Police Use of Force: A Global Perspective, edited by J.B. Kuhns and J. Knutsson. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.


This is the final chapter in an edited volume on the police use of force and firearms throughout the world.  The chapter seeks to integrate themes emerging from the other chapters in the volume.  It outlines some of the ways in which police use of force policies and standards vary internationally.  For example, in some nations, police carry guns, don’t fire warning shots, and aim for “center of mass” when firing.  In others, police are ordinarily unarmed, fire warning shots when possible, and aim for extremities when firing.  It then reviews some of the factors that seem to account for this wide variation in police use of force policies.  The chapter emphasizes that nearly all of the research on police use of force comes from a handful of developed democracies.  Little systematic knowledge is available about police use of force in the rest of the world, particularly in developing nations.  Such research is sorely needed.

Year: 2010
Language: English
Type: Book chapter
Topic: Policing
Methodologies: Other