Maguire, E.R. and Wells, W.H. (2002). Community policing as communication reform. Pp. 33-66 in Law Enforcement, Communication and Community, edited by H. Giles. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishers.


Implicit in the community policing movement is the need for police to implement a number of communication reforms. These reforms can be roughly divided into two dimensions: internal and external reforms. Internal communication reform is meant to enhance communication throughout police organizations, both horizontally (between units and divisions) and vertically (between different levels in the hierarchy). External communication reform is meant to enhance communication between police agencies and their various publics. Drawing on three bodies of theory and research – organization theory, organizational communications, and public relations – this chapter outlines the various ways in which community policing might impact internal and external communications in policing.

Year: 2002
Language: English
Type: Book chapter
Topic: Policing, Organization theory
Methodologies: Other