Johnson, D., King, W.R., Katz, C.M., Fox, A.M., & Goulette, N. (2008). “Youth Perceptions of the Police in Trinidad and Tobago.” Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety, 13 (1&2): 217-253.


This study details young adults' perceptions of the police in Trinidad and Tobago.  Data come from the 2006 Trinidad and Tobago Youth Survey (n=2,376), which examined attitudes toward the police, self-reported delinquency and gang involvement, neighborhood and family characteristics, and other attitudes and behaviors.  We first explore young people's views of the police across a variety of domains, and then examine the correlates of youth perceptions of police fairness, responsiveness, use of force, and overall satisfaction using multivariate analyses.  We compare and contrast our findings with studies conducted with adolescents in the United States and other nations, and discuss the implications of the results for policing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Year: 2008
Language: English
Type: Journal article
Topic: Policing